Nurse turned money coach

feel empowered about

your money


I designed this site for smart people who would like to be smarter about their own money.

I discovered many are overwhelmed and sometimes even paralyzed by money management but would like to gain some knowledge and control.

There are two main offerings:

  1.  I am curating FREE RESOURCES for you to explore.

2.  I am now offering individualized coaching for those who wish to begin their exploration into Financial Freedom.

If you are thinking about individualized coaching, but are not quite sure, you can visit the Connect page and fill out the FINANCIAL FREEDOM READINESS CHAT request.  The chat is designed to be a free 15-minute chat to see if my personal Money Coaching is a good fit.  Not everyone is in the right place for financial (money coaching) and that is okay!  Sometimes there is too much going on in life, or perhaps the motivation is not there, no problem….I want your success, and it should be a reasonable and empowering challenge, but not forced - feel free to come back when the time is right!

Lynn Frair - CEO, Founder and Principal Money Coach

Lynn Frair - CEO, Founder and Principal Money Coach