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featured in the Wall Street Journal

It was great fun to have the Wall Street Journal Photographer come to our house.

We bribed the children with chocolate, as they would much rather run around than pose for photos!


Playing with fire - FILM

Film release expected Summer 2019, see the trailer here:

This is a documentary about the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) community.

You will find no sage words of wisdom from me in the film, but you will catch a few pensive glances.

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On ChooseFI Podcast episode 124R, I let my finance geek flag fly high! They called me "a force." I love these guys and we had a lot of fun. My section begins around the 23:55 minute mark and is about 30 minutes.…/

ChooseFI is a podcast with millions of downloads for those who want to learn more about personal finance and financial independence, and I had a blast! 🤓


Coming soon


coming soon